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What if the next major technological shift to threaten Christian discipleship isn’t sitting in some R&D lab but in our homes right now.

Evangelicals and Beauty

The notion that art and architecture have meaning and communicate truth—contrary to aesthetic relativism—will naturally follow from a traditional Christian understanding of the world.

The Winsomeness Wars

It is not sufficient to say that Christians must be bold, confident, and faithful, as if gentleness, always normative, simply need be supplemented with courage.

Lament for a Lost Way of Life

Sweet Land and Godspeed present a way of life that modern Americans have by and large forgotten... being tied to a particular and unique people that all have their own stories and come from particular, unique places.

Biased History

To be sure, constrained presentism exists on both the right and the left—everyone on the political spectrum bears the temptation to mine the past for present concerns. This temptation must be resisted. Our innate proclivity to tell stories and forge historical memory must coalesce with an uncompromising set of virtues necessary for the storyteller. Without these qualities, a true historical consciousness of who and what we are as a nation will fade, and we ourselves will perish.