Category: State

For Religious Liberty

What do our children need and not need from societies larger structures, like church and state, so that they might know Jesus?

Polling Political Parties

The basic question in our polling is this: is there a correlation between voting patterns and beliefs about God, the authority of the Bible, and so on?

Voting After Dobbs

Voting is a good thing to do as a citizen. But it’s good only insofar as the agency used in how one votes does not do any harm.

The National Conservative Revolution

National Conservatism seeks to harness the power of the state to “govern wisely;” to punish evil and promote the good of one’s nation. It seeks to do so as a return to the very principles of the American founding.

Anti-liberal, Anti-secular, Pro-national

We can identify three pillars of Baxterian political theory which coincide with much of the post-liberal impulse and New Right energy: anti-liberalism, anti-secularism, and pro–nationalism.

Christ and Political Power

Jesus Christ is preeminent in power and glory, exalted above every other power in this world, all of which are created powers. But what does it mean to say that Jesus is above all earthly powers? When we confess that Jesus Christ is above all earthly powers we are making a statement (among other things) about his relationship to the political powers of this world and age. But what statement is that exactly? How is Christ’s kingdom related to the kingdoms of the world? How should believers think about and pursue political power, if they should at all? Answering these questions, however briefly, is the goal of my talk.