About American Reformer

American Reformer’s mission is to promote a vigorous Christian approach to the cultural challenges of our day, rooted in the rich tradition of Protestant social and political thought. Focusing particularly on issues facing American Christians, we will seek to contribute to the reformation of Christian institutions that have become corrupted by false ideologies and practices.

Our Journal aims at equipping evangelical Christians to confidently and forthrightly defend Scriptural truths and natural law in the face of widespread cultural capitulation, addressing topics and perspectives ignored or dismissed by mainstream publications. You can find submission guidelines here.

Our Reform work aims at reshaping important Christian institutions by partnering with their leaders and equipping them with the intellectual, strategic and network resources necessary to help their institutions remain faithful and flourish under current cultural conditions.

Our Fellowship aims to Equip a network of rising Christian Leaders who are ready to found new institutions to meet the challenges of the digital age as well as recapture existing institutions to bring them under the Lordship of Christ.

Our Team

Executive Director & Cofounder

Josh Abbotoy is Executive Director and Cofounder of American Reformer. He is also a Managing Director at New Founding. A seasoned private equity lawyer by background, Josh is the grateful beneficiary of Christian education, having been homeschooled, then earning his B.A. (History) from Union University and an M.A. (Medieval and Byzantine Studies) from the Catholic University of America before earning his J.D. at Harvard Law School. His writing has appeared in American Reformer, the American Mind and the Federalist, among other places. Josh lives with wife and four children in the Dallas, Texas area.


Timon Cline is the Editor-in-chief of American Reformer. Prior to his appointment as editor-in-chief, he was a deputy attorney general in the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General. He is a graduate of Rutgers Law School and Westminster Theological Seminary, the Director of Scholarly Initiatives at the Hale Institute at New Saint Andrews College, a fellow at the Craig Center at Westminster Theological Seminary, and an opinion contributor at World. His writing has appeared at American Mind, the American Conservative, and Modern Reformation, among others. He is a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and lives in Philadelphia with his wife and son.

Founding & Contributing Editor

Ben C. Dunson is Founding and Contributing Editor of American Reformer. He is also Visiting Professor of New Testament at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Greenville, SC), having previously taught at Reformed Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX), Reformation Bible College (Sanford, FL), and Redeemer University (Ontario, Canada). He received a Ph.D. in New Testament from the University of Durham (UK) and is the author of Individual and Community in Paul’s Letter to the Romans as well as various academic and popular-level articles. He lives in the northern suburbs of Dallas with his wife and four boys.

Contributing Editor

Mike Sabo  is a Contributing Editor of American Reformer and an Assistant Editor of The American Mind, the online journal of the Claremont Institute. His writing has appeared at RealClearPolitics, The Federalist, Public Discourse, and American Greatness, among other outlets. He lives with his wife and son in Cincinnati.

Director of Education

Colin Redemer  (Ph.D. candidate, University of Aberdeen) is formerly Executive Director of the Davenant Institute, co-founder of Davenant Hall, co-host for Ad Fontes podcast, as well as a professor at St. Mary’s College of California. His writing has appeared in Ad Fontes Journal, American Mind, First Things, Mere Orthodoxy, and The Lamp, among others; most recently his book returning the Protestant philosopher poet Thomas Traherne to his rightful place among virtue ethicists, The Shining Human Creature.

Director of Development Operations

Carl Helstrom is the Director of Development Operations at American Reformer. He previously served as Director of Engagement at the Davenant Institute and as a fundraising consultant at AmPhil (formerly American Philanthropic). He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and lives with his wife in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Cofounder & Senior Fellow

Aaron Renn is a Cofounder and Senior Fellow at American Reformer. He also writes on cultural topics at Substack. Renn was previously an urban policy researcher, writer, and consultant. He was a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research for five years. His work has been featured in leading publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Atlantic. Prior to public policy, Renn spent 15 years in the technology and management consulting industry, mostly at Accenture, where he was a partner. He lives with his wife and son in Indianapolis.


Nate Fischer is Chairman and founder of New Founding. He is a founder of American Reformer, a new organization and online journal to address, from a Protestant perspective, contemporary political and cultural issues and to confront related institutional threats. Nate has broad investment and company-building experience, with a particular focus on macro changes and risks. He has made control or lead investments in manufacturing, career prep, and alternative investment companies. He previously cofounded InvestRes, a billion-dollar real estate company, has helped launch several civic organizations, and is a Claremont Institute Lincoln fellow. He lives with his wife and four children in Dallas, Texas.

Visiting Fellow

Ben R. Crenshaw (Ph.D. candidate, Hillsdale College) is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Declaration of Independence Center for the Study of American Freedom at the University of Mississippi where he specializes in American politics and Western political philosophy. He has contributed to works on Christian discipleship and biblical worship, Churchill studies, and political theology. His popular writing has appeared in The Public Discourse, The Federalist, The American Mind, and American Reformer. He lives with his wife and son in northern Mississippi.

Managing Editor

Terry Gant is the Managing Editor of the American Reformer Journal. He edits, revises and formats every article American Reformer publishes. He also splits his time between teaching upper school humanities at Highland Rim Academy, a classical Christian school, and is the Principal of Daniel 1 Academy, a Tennessee homeschool umbrella supporting homeschool families all over the state and elsewhere. He is a former Metro Nashville police officer and small business founder/owner. His writing has appeared in American Reformer and for the ministry End Abortion Now. He lives with his wife and four children in the Eastern Highland Rim of Tennessee.