Farewell to Roe

The real battle is just beginning, for it is clear that the militantly pro-abortion forces in our country will stop at nothing to restore their constitutional “right to abortion” by packing the Court, passing federal legislation of fraudulent constitutionality, or, failing those goals, to liberalize abortion legislation throughout the fifty states by winning elections in the states and localities.

Yoram Hazony and the Conservative Life

There was a time when politics was understood not simply as the maneuverings of special interest groups seeking power, but as a way of talking about the best ways for human beings to live together in the world. Yoram Hazony’s new book, Conservatism: A Rediscovery, is firmly situated in this older understanding of politics. It is also a brilliant, moving, and compelling account of what it means to be a conservative in today’s world

Good News and its Ideological Counterfeits

When a problem is posed—for DiAngelo the key issue is race or skin color, but no real solution is offered, we have a recipe for cultural disaster and chaos. It is—in a sense—bad news with no good news whatsoever. Even through DiAngelo’s understanding of the problem is not as deep as Augustine’s, there is no meaningful solution whatsoever.