Category: Church

Scorning our Forefathers

Elitist Christianity cannot survive the rigors of hard discipleship. But my grandparents did. And they handed me a legacy to follow.

Beware the Baptist Nationalists

Is it really Walker’s contention that any sort of Christian exclusivism in the law of the land is genuinely worse than those evils it would exclude?

The Mighty Brought Low

The poor, the humble, the hungry and thirsty, are those who fill themselves with Christ and all the riches of salvation that are found in him alone.

Hating Good, Loving Evil

Christian public witness must mean more than carving out thin religious exemptions. It means calling what is wicked, “wicked.”

There Must Be Factions

"Unity over division" attempts to substitute an artificial unity for the real thing: the perfect unity of Christ that transcends all differences not by diminishing them, but by bringing about conformity to Christ and his word by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sheep, Wolves, and Fools

Over the past few years, many pastors and Christian ministry leaders let a lot of people down. It is my contention that the winsome model was a major contributor to what led them astray.

The Original Anti-Christian Nationalist

Christians have become exiles in a country that they played an indispensable role in building, and the Madisonian secular state has proven unable or unwilling to respond to the moral challenges facing the nation. If Madison is correct, and if classical liberalism is ultimately poisonous to the concept of Christian nationalism, then conservatives should seek to ground their vision of liberty in a teaching that is more distinctly Christian than that offered by the fourth President of the United States.

Diversity is Not a Virtue

Churches that are hyper-focused on diversity efforts (especially when such “diversity” is pitifully narrow) often unwittingly send a biblically false message to those already inside their doors: your demographics make you a little less important to us; and until this church family includes enough people with different demographics (enough persons of a specific nationality or race, etc.) you're not a faithful church. They also send another message to the people they are ostensibly trying to attract: you are a thing we want; once we’ve merely arrived at certain demographic numbers then we can see we are a faithful church. This is objectification by a woke name.