Why Protestants Need Natural Law

Protestants can and should use natural law arguments to help society pursue and protect the common good of all people. By pursuing and protecting the common good of society, peace in the earthly realm is promoted and protected. This allows for the freedom peacefully and publicly to present the Gospel to all men, which all Christians should desire. As such, natural law can be used not only to promote civil goods, but also eternal good.

Ulrich Zwingli, Christian Nationalist?

Bruce Gordon’s biography of Zwingli is an informative, well-written, and thought-provoking source for contemporary reflection, for its historical interest, but also for the issues it forces aspiring reformers in the present day to grapple with as we partner together to patiently preach and prayerfully work toward a church and society that honors God.

A Bleak Future for Christian Philanthropy?

For individual Christians, the advice is simple: give more and more effectively. Those Christians who did inhabit the Positive and Neutral Worlds should think seriously about how they can use their estate to advance God’s Kingdom, and whether they can give more in the present. They should also consider narrowing their giving scope. Your alma mater whose values continue to diverge more severely from your own? Remove them from your support list.