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Amici Acrimony

Messengers never approved a mechanism to sign the Southern Baptist Convention and its 45,000 churches on to this kind of brief.


Raiding Bugmen

There is an urge we should all have, and that which The Boniface Option recovers: a hatred for evil.

Identity as Idol

The Modern Cult of the Self There were earlier ages in which the fine arts flourished. But a defining characteristic […]


Divorce and Toxic Femininity

The victory of feminism created restless women—dissatisfied with home, confused about their bodies, never sufficiently honored at work—who blame society’s phobias for their problems.

For My Sons

Trapped in this vast no man's land, some are seeking refuge under a new banner.



The SBC Sexual Abuse Report and its Consequences

Leaders and messengers of the SBC need to start having reasoned discussions about these matters now. The SBC will need leaders who have discernment, moral clarity and a backbone. Those running for leadership in the SBC must use their platforms in the coming two weeks to lead the way on deliberations about proposing constructive paths forward.

Wide Awoke at Grove City College?

Sad to say, but American higher education is littered with once-venerable Christian colleges and universities that have succumbed to the spirit of the age. If any school were immune to this trend, one would think it would be Grove City College, an institution not only grounded in Biblical orthodoxy and the conservative intellectual tradition but also with a history of vigorously defending its mission and identity.




Politics and Law

The basis of contemporary human law consists in the moral core of biblical law that is perpetually binding.