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Make the SBC Great Again

It comes down to this: Does the SBC need to be taken over by its critics or to be renewed according to Baptist distinctives?


Classically Practical

Classical Christian Ed Must Lay Claim to the New “Job Training” Classical education advocates often make the claim that true […]

The War on Christianity

As the opening verse of Psalm 94 reads, “O Lord, God of vengeance, O God of vengeance, shine forth!”


Raising Neurotic Wrecks

Shrier outlines the problem: therapy and therapeutic concepts are ubiquitous today and parents are quick to find therapeutic solutions for everything.


But What If We Win?

Commentary on John Davenport Consternation from certain wings of Evangelicalism over Christian nationalism consistently ignores threshold questions for essential any […]

Ordained by Heaven

Commentary on Joseph Lyman’s 1787 election sermon Ben Dunson has an excellent column out today combatting misconceptions in the resurgent […]

Esoteric Dune

Denis Villeneuve: Corrupter of the Youth Knowing where the trap is—that’s the first step in evading it. This is like […]


The SBC Sexual Abuse Report and its Consequences

Leaders and messengers of the SBC need to start having reasoned discussions about these matters now. The SBC will need leaders who have discernment, moral clarity and a backbone. Those running for leadership in the SBC must use their platforms in the coming two weeks to lead the way on deliberations about proposing constructive paths forward.


An Election Sermon

Preach’d at the Election of the Governour, at Boston in New-England, May 19, 1669 Introduction John Davenport (1597-1670) lived a […]

An Election Sermon

Preached before His Excellency James Bowdoin, Esq. Introduction Joseph Lyman was born in 1749 at New London, Connecticut; he died […]



Divine Rights

America is either a republic with rights derived from God or it is not. If it is an autocracy let you say so and we will leave it.

Agents of Order

The forces set against order, safety, and true freedom may seem invincible, but they aren’t.