Category: Family

Contraception Nonchalance

Pagan and barbarian cultures had no problem with contraception and abortion. Christians always maintained strict prohibitions against such practices. This […]

Jordan Peterson and the Evangelical Man

Men complain the church has been 'feminized,' pointing to the prevailing idea that a good Christian man is essentially an unmanly 'nice guy.' Peterson attracts young men because he flips this model on its head: being good will probably make you less 'safe.'

The Misogynist (A Parable)

A young woman had been through a series of abusive, manipulative relationships in which she was consistently shamed and controlled. […]

Sisyphus Just Keeps Rolling Along

Ideologues always overreach. While feminism, liberalism, and sexual liberation are the most prominent contenders against the family today, they are doomed to fail because of the limits Nature imposes.