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Gods, Fathers, and Pastors

“Shall civil power require good motions of the mind and inward repentance? It cannot cause these things: yet it must wish they were had."

Politics and Power

The fact that political power may be used for evil provides no valid reason for it to be rejected or ignored. Power must be used for good.

More Than Mere Taxation

But when submission becomes inconsistent with and destructive of the public good, the same veneration for and duty to the divine authority, commands us to oppose.

Reformed Political Theology Today

Slavery to political ideologies ought to be an impossibility for the Christian because he knows that service to earthly authority is an expression of his submission to his heavenly King.

Political Wisdom

Proverbs is addressed to Israel’s king, but just like all of the non-political proverbs in the book, the ones having to do with political order are timeless.

Politics and The Fall

Certain aspects of how God made the world do not cease to be operative simply because sin has twisted and deformed those institutions.