Author: Timon Cline

Timon Cline

Timon Cline is an attorney practicing in New Jersey and a fellow at the Craig Center at Westminster Theological Seminary. His writing has appeared in the American Spectator, Mere Orthodoxy, American Greatness, Areo Magazine, and the American Mind, among others. He writes regularly at Modern Reformation and Conciliar Post and lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Rachel. 

Wholesome Severity

The Case for the Law’s First Table A few months ago, Jonathan Leeman debated Brad Littlejohn at Colorado Christian University […]

Natural Law is Not Enough

Even as Craig Carter tracks the demise of liberal democracy as it has drifted from Christian influence, he misses that the nature and logic of liberal democracy itself necessitates this outcome.

The End of Government

Jeffrey Bristol argues that the American constitutional order is not oriented to the common good, but to “ordered liberty."

Is Cultural Christianity Enough?

The question for the "merely cultural Christian" party is what means are necessary and sufficient to produce the spontaneous and voluntarist cultural revival they seek?

Hail Caesar?

The Christian prince, the living law, was tasked with guaranteeing the doctrinal and moral integrity of the national church.