Dusty Deevers, Conservative Bravery, and the Rise of Christian Nationalism

A New Generation of Leaders is Rising

In the current state of cultural rot in the United States, there seems to be a lack of conservative warriors who are willing to fight against the oppressive embrace of evil. Whether it be moderates that think the Marxist left should be the ones who monitor the collapse of an empire through the promotion of LGBTQ+ ideology in our societal infrastructure, war justified through division to send men off to die for the military-industrial complex’s demands, or the influx of illegal immigration on our southern border to manufacture voters for the Left, cultural conservative soldiers that embrace Christian values are needed in all forms of government across our nation.

The need for these figures within politics and American culture led to the rise of an ideological approach to politics known as Christian Nationalism. While mainstream media outlets have demonized the moniker, it is essential that a movement such as this brand of nationalism was formed based on the erosion of moral values within American society. Christian Nationalism seeks to justify while promoting how Christian officeholders vote, sponsor, and feel about political issues. While the media or the far-left want to criticize the ideology as a theological monarchy implementation, it is simply using biblical values to position itself into a meaningful role within state, federal, and local government. As well, we cannot allow the mainstream media to utilize fear tactics to use the term “Christian Nationalist” against the right. Mongering to scare independents or those who are uncomfortable with faith should not prevent the conservative right from giving voices to those who use Christian principles to justify their positions. 

Glorifying God through governmental positions is not a theocracy. It is simply a response to how our culture and foundation, which the Protestant Reformation formed through the Constitution, has decreased in moral value to the point that a Christian political uprising is now not only wanted but needed. When drag queen story hour, child mutilation, and men participating in women’s sports are beginning to become beloved by those in power in our government, we have to have Christian Nationalists who are willing to be on the frontlines of the cultural war. Whether it be issues such as abortion, illegal immigration, foreign policy, or cultural battles, every politician in American politics uses some form of moral ethics to justify why they feel the way they do on a specific policy. That is no different to the approach than how Christian Nationalists feel and how they should help find solvency to the problems they are experiencing within the United States political system. What is needed in American society is for those strong men not to sit idly by as our founding principles continue to be trampled by those of woke, leftist ideology that is working every single day to destroy.  

Now enters Republican Oklahoma State Senator and Southern Baptist Convention Pastor Dusty Deevers into the political realm. The Pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Elgin, Oklahoma, Deevers was elected back in December of 2023 in a particular contest for Oklahoma State Senate District 32, running on a platform consisting of abolishing pornography, abortion, and the state income tax, rebelling against unconstitutional mandates, and protecting God-given rights of his constituents in Oklahoma. As an elected state senator, Pastor Deevers has made headlines in publications such as Rolling Stone for his passion for integrating Christian morality into legislative reasoning and his political positions in government. Deevers is making these outlets cringe in the best way possible because of his unabashed embrace of Christian morality in American politics. Now more than ever, a Christian soldier has long been needed in the political arena to fight back against the cultural Marxists that our country has so quickly allowed to take precedence. As author C.R. Wiley said on X, “…if Rolling Stone doesn’t like him, he’s got to be a good guy.” Senator Deevers has likely set a precedent for how those strong men of faith should serve God and their constituents simultaneously. An unabashed love for the Lord, combined with a willingness to stand for the Constitution and liberty, is exactly the response needed for our continued eroding society that is hanging on by a single thread. Deevers’ bravery does not deserve condemnation but instead praise from his colleagues on the right. 

The far-left has necessitated the influx of Christian Nationalism into American politics. While a monarchical autocracy is not what the ideology supports, states like Oklahoma electing unashamed warriors such as Deevers is simply a needed response to the erosion of morality legislated over the past two decades by the Marxist left. Deevers is not only an example of what is required in our country but also a figure that many will look to prevent the cultural depravity that America is headed for if a rise does not happen soon amongst the general populace.

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Kenny Cody

Kenny Cody is the Chairman of the Cocke County TN Republican Party and a high school social studies teacher in Cosby, TN. He is a regular columnist for Newsmax, Human Events and Townhall.com.

5 thoughts on “Dusty Deevers, Conservative Bravery, and the Rise of Christian Nationalism

  1. While Cody speaks about the Left and far left as being evil monoliths, He is overlooking some details:

    1. The Left and Far Left have opposed America’s fighting of foreign wars in order to benefit the Military Industrial Complex for just over 100 years now. One only needs to read the speeches of Eugene Debs and Helen Keller, (btw, she was a socialist) as they opposed the US entering WW I to see when that started. The Left and Far Left have opposed most of America’s foreign wars since then.

    2. Leftist from some nations have opposed the “LGBT” agenda that the Christian Nationalists oppose.

    3. There are a few on the Left and Far Left who oppose men who are now transgendered women participating in women’s sports. One such person is Robert Jensen.

    4. We should note that some who are woke have expressed deep concerns over our nation’s deficit spending. Derrick Bell, one of the founding writers of CRT, was such a person.

    5. Some, though not many, on the left adamantly oppose pornography and sex work.

    In addition, Cody’s view of the Left and Far Left is based on the same kind of thinking that those who are woke and view our nation’s founding fathers as being evil. While Cody solely, and selectively, bases his view of those who are on the Left or Far Left on where he disagrees with them while ignoring areas of shared concerns, those who are woke who view our nation’s founding fathers and others as evil solely, and selectively, base their views on many of the nation’s past heroes’ beliefs in white supremacy and their owning of slaves while ignoring their contributions made to our nation.

    Viewing a group as being monolithic is a first step taken to either canonize or demonize that group. And canonizing one’s own group while demonizing other groups, which is what some who are woke do, is practiced by authoritarian leaders of all ideological stripes in hopes of getting their followers to cower in fear and cling more closely to those leaders. Here we could compare the immoralities of the present with those practiced under Christendom. Currently Christian Nationalists are concerned with illegal immigrants from the South giving the Dems a clear election advantage, during Christendom Christians from Europe emigrated here in such numbers that it made the belief in ethnically cleansing Native Americans from the land necessary. Currently Christian Nationalists fear the LGBT agenda and men transitioned into women participating in women’s sports, during Christendom our nation’s forefathers, and many after them, enslaved blacks. Currently Christian Nationalists have been busy fighting culture wars, during a significant part of Christendom many Christians opposed integration as seen in Jim Crow laws and culture in the South and redlining and harsh segregation practiced employed in the North. BTW, if you look at some old news films, you can occasionally see signs that equated integration with Communism. When our beliefs about who is more moral or immoral are based on partisanship, we have fallen into the clutches of moral relativity.

      1. Ryan,
        As I have written in other responses to you, what you say that I am doesn’t matter because I am not the subject of the article.

        The article is about calling Christians to arms because the of influence that the Left has on our nation’s culture. And so how do you see the Left and its influence on our culture? Do you see the Left as having some valid points to make? Do you agree with me when I wrote that Cody has some things, including some of how he thinks, in common with those on the Left?

        1. I’m not calling you anything. I’m saying you must be destroyed. Look it up.
          And I’m going to keep saying it as long as you continue to pollute this forum with your dishonesty.

          1. Ryan,
            So you’re here because of a personal vendetta. My comments scare you because, as you have written before, you’re afraid that my comments might cause at least one person to not agree with everything that is written in an article. And therefore you accuse me of having a motive that you cannot prove.

            Again, the subject of the article is about calling Christians to arms because of the influence that the Left has on our nation’s culture. Do you see the Left as having some valid points to make? Do you agree with me when I wrote that Cody has some things, including some of how he thinks, in common with those on the Left?

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