Meeting the Moment

Reconstituting Christian Higher Education for a New Era

Evangelical higher education carries forward the spiritual legacy of the earliest American colleges, yet its position within the wider postsecondary landscape is more precarious than ever before. In order for campus leaders to wisely navigate current conditions, they must clearly understand the present moment and respond accordingly. Using resource dependency as a conceptual framework, this position paper traces the evolution of American higher education from its founding to the present and details strategies Christian colleges and universities have used to balance adaptation to changing contexts with fidelity to their founding missions. It explains why past approaches will no longer work in the emergent era and argues that this reality requires different strategies for engaging the external environment. The paper concludes by casting a new vision for academic faithfulness that can empower evangelical Christian higher education to flourish despite growing illiberal trends.

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The Center For Academic Faithfulness & Flourishing

The Center For Academic Faithfulness & Flourishing exists to empower Christian colleges and universities to advance their faith-based missions, equip campus leaders with the resources necessary to flourish in our present age, and encourage broader support for these unique and valuable institutions. To advance this mission, CAFF seeks to accomplish three goals: (1) Reassert institutional faithfulness by developing a cohesive and credible counter-narrative to ideologies that undermine Christian higher education; (2) Redesign organizational networks by helping Christian colleges and universities cultivate ideologically aligned exchange partners; and (3) Reinvigorate institutional flourishing by designing initiatives that strengthen the governance, management, and financial position of faith-based institutions of higher education. You can find more information at

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