The 2024 Election and Beyond

Where Things Currently Stand and Where They Could Be Headed

After Donald Trump wrapped up what just might be the most inevitable primary in American history, energy and enthusiasm seem to be gaining on the Right. 

The most up-to-date RealClearPolitics polling average shows Trump up by 1.6 percent nationally over Joe Biden. Even more relevant for his re-election prospects, Trump leads Biden by an average of 3.2 percent in the top battleground states. Despite the protest of evangelical elites, at least 80 percent of evangelicals, if not more, will vote for Trump in the fall.

As Trump gains ground, things are looking a bit bleaker for President Biden’s hopes for a second term in office. The southern border continues to be invaded, trillions are added to the national debt each year, the military is having an increasingly difficult time recruiting white males, mortgage rates look to stay high for the foreseeable future, the U.S. involves itself in yet more wars that further diminishes our reputation abroad, and formerly great American companies like Boeing have clearly lost their way as parts drop from their planes—sometimes in mid-flight. 

While Biden’s popularity diminishes, former Republican primary political foes and critics are coalescing around Trump’s campaign. Ben Shapiro and big-money donors who formerly backed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have publicly declared their support for Trump, and have even pledged to fundraise for him. Trump will need their help, as he currently trails Biden’s impressive $155 million war chest—with $53 million raised in February alone—to his paltry $74 million by comparison. 

Make no mistake: Democrats are the party of the rich. Darel Paul reported in the wake of the 2020 election that the top of the Democrats’ famed top-bottom coalition is very well-off, with wealthy suburbs giving their money to Democrats over Republicans by a sizable margin. The Claremont Institute’s Jeremy Carl pointed out after the 2018 midterms that Democrats then controlled all 20 of the richest congressional districts

Would picking the right running mate boost Trump’s fundraising prospects? A fundraising guru among Republicans in Congress, Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York would likely be the pick if this was the only consideration. But there’s more to choosing a candidate for vice president than amassing funds. Though he did surprisingly well in the governor’s race, New York’s Lee Zeldin still came up short and doesn’t have the national branding that Trump likely desires. 

Selecting DeSantis would mimic the Pence pick in 2016: an experienced candidate in Republican circles who has served both as governor and in the U.S. House. DeSantis would allay some of the concerns of D.C. politicos and suburban voters who find Trump distasteful. But his loyalty is an open question, an attribute Trump highly prizes. And like Pence, DeSantis’s true fit with a full-spectrum MAGA policy agenda is another possible source of disagreement. 

These possible drawbacks may point to another candidate: Ohio Senator J.D. Vance. The once darling of the elites and the now-populist U.S. senator of my home state, Vance would undoubtedly be an intriguing pick. By doing this, Trump would elevate the one national Republican who looks to have both the brains and courage to lead the party in the decades ahead. 

The media class most likely sees Vance as the candidate who could carry on the mantle of “Trumpism without Trump,” if such a thing was possible. (Just ponder how well Reaganism without Reagan has fared.) Contrary to the press’s received wisdom, Vance would instead look to build on Trump’s accomplishments but mold the party in his own image, as all good statesmen in history have done.

Vance also seems to possess the brashness and feistiness to fend off the Democrats’ quest to firmly entrench one-party rule. 

The only person who could be Vance’s equal in the qualities Trump wants is Tulsi Gabbard, who just appeared on Tucker Carlson’s podcast. Much like Trump, she is despised by the elites in both parties. Her trenchant criticism of the U.S. foreign policy blob and generals that lose war after war—and are likely to be humiliated again when China invades Taiwan—is largely sympatico with Trump, and possibly even more far-reaching than his own inclinations. 

Trump will certainly need a fighter, as Democrats look to ensure not only that Trump’s political efforts are stopped but that his very name and visage are melted down like public statues of Confederate generals. For the Democrats, Trump needs to be made an example of so that his kind never rises again. And Americans need to be taught a lesson that their racist, nativist inclinations have no place in “our democracy.” 

New York Attorney General Letitia James’s nakedly political prosecution of Trump is part of this larger effort. The recent clumsiness of the lawfare machine, however, is raising eyebrows even on the Left. 

Mark Hemingway noted at The Federalist that no one seems to want to defend James’s triumph in a $454 million ruling against Trump, which shattered a number of legal precedents (for the Left, “protecting the Constitution” always means shredding it.) A New York appeals court reduced Trump’s bond to $175 million and overturned Judge Engoron’s ruling that prohibited Trump and sons Donald Jr. and Eric from serving as officers or directors of a New York company for a specified number of years. 

Taking Truth Social public will help Trump remain financially stable, not to mention re-establish him as the branding genius he is. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company will “become publicly traded under the stock ticker DJT.”

The only way the Democrats’ fever dreams can be realized, of course, is if any of the charges stick, which is still a possibility given the numerous pending cases. It’s almost an afterthought that a New York City grand jury would vote to indict him; whether judges will allow these cases to go to trial is a separate question. But if Trump is convicted even on one major charge, it could shave off enough support among independents to stall his candidacy. 

Moving Beyond Trump

The Right’s ability to achieve a series of fundamental political victories can’t simply be up to Trump, however. To have a hope of defeating the Left, a goal that will certainly outlast Trump, the Right must continue to make itself into a coalition that can have sustained success. For that to happen, there are certain tendencies the Right must overcome if it wants to have a chance to undertake a true political revolution and not just put on annual cruises for aging boomers.

For one, the black pill spiral must be avoided. Things are bad on any number of fronts, but the overly, gloom-and-doom scenarios that end in trading stories behind barbed wire in camps must be shelved for the time being. The fact that Trump could still be elected in 2016 and is winning in current polls demonstrates that all is not yet lost, even with the impressive array of institutions, high-ranking elites, and money that the regime has at its disposal.

The Right also needs to get over another spiraling tendency. It must move past purity tests, which was a notable characteristic of the sinking conservative movement in the lead-up to the 2016 election. Stop harping on how someone voted then as a way to critique his political opinions today. Many Americans woke up in the intervening years and clearly understand the political moment far better than they once did. 

After all, Donald Trump’s rise on the Right was boosted by breaking through the myriad fencing that had been erected by conservatives over the course of decades. His violation of the tenets of orthodox conservativism was met with the kind of reaction that likely accompanied violations of the countless unwritten laws of the Pharisees. But the endless purity tests didn’t stop him. Trump triumphed in part precisely because he broke with the ossified, almost theological system of doctrines that had mostly led the Right to defeat because it elevates abstractions over the concerns of everyday people.

Related to this is the propensity to use your political heroes as a vibe killer. Constantly harping on how if your preferred candidate would have won decades ago, things would’ve been far different happens quite frequently on the Right. Apart from being a truism, it’s also irrelevant. Political heroes are important to have, but one should not cling to them too tightly. 

Although it may be heresy in certain corners to point this out, neither Pat Buchanan nor Ron Paul won the presidency. However, this shouldn’t dissuade us from using the good sense that both had in varying ways—which mostly went unappreciated by the bipartisan political class—and applying those insights to our own circumstances. 

Buchanan’s focus on preserving the tangible things that must be present for our nation to be healthy—a vigorous public Christianity, strong families, a wholesome culture—is in short supply today. And Paul’s emphasis on the regular violation of citizens’ civil liberties by unaccountable agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, along with the ineffectiveness and unsustainability of our artificial, propped-up markets, needs to be heeded as well. 

In the face of intransigent opposition from all corners, the Right must continue to shed ineffectual candidates and a habit of losing. Barry Goldwater should never be publicly mentioned on the campaign trail. The word “conservative” should be used only very sparingly, and only with older audiences. With these things in mind, the Right must work to build a national coalition that can thrive in a post-Trump political era.

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Mike Sabo

Mike Sabo is a Contributing Editor of American Reformer and an Assistant Editor of The American Mind, the online journal of the Claremont Institute. His writing has appeared at RealClearPolitics, The Federalist, Public Discourse, and American Greatness, among other outlets. He lives with his wife and son in Cincinnati.

60 thoughts on “The 2024 Election and Beyond

  1. The dems are the party of the rich? So it is only working and middle class people who support Trump and his new but not improved Republican Party? Where is the evidence for such a claim? Neither party has a monopoly on the wealthy. Trump’s Presidency saw him catering to the wealthy in terms of tax breaks and cuts in regulations. And Trump has, so far, presided over a higher national deficit than Biden ever has.

    And why is Trump’s role in Jan 6 not mentioned in the above article? Didn’t Trump lead a movement that tried to illegally overturn a fair election? Why shouldn’t Trump’s tax fraud be prosecuted? After all, by running for President, isn’t Trump asking the American people to put more trust in him than in anyone else in the nation?

    And what about Trump’s shameless hawking of Bibles for profit? Or what about the 91 charges that Trump is facing?

    And why do we call those evangelicals, or those from other groups, with whom we disagree ‘elites’?

    And what about Trump’s claim that he will seek vengeance on his political opponents and that he wants to be dictator for at least one day?

    Do none of the issues brought up by the above questions concern anyone here?

    Here’s the problem as I see it. We see the emergence of authoritarian religiously-based ethnocratic movements in Eastern Europe and America. And in these movements are people who are quite partial to Vlad^2 Putin at least partially due to his war against the LGBT community. And so it just might be that these movements want their respective countries to emulate the relationship between Church and state that Russia has. But in reality, Russia embraces an oligarchy whose leaders throw just enough bones to the Russian Orthodox Church to keep it in line. And corruption runs rampant there in the economy and government. And so in promoting an authoritarian Christian ethnocracy here to be led by Trump, who admires Putin, means that one is, however inadvertently, working for a setup in America that is very similar to that of Russia. Is that what you really want? Is that what we want to associate with Christianity?

    1. There’s plenty of evidence that the rich are Democrats and/or support Democrats. Look at income levels and how those in the top 1/2% and 1% spend political donations or what party they are registered in, if they are registered and who they verbally support. Trump’s and Republican’s new tax law benefited primarily the middle, working class and not the very rich. This fact was even admitted to by various leftist organizations/news. In fact, most household saw an increase of about $4000 DOLLARS PER YEAR in their pockets.

      And the de-regulations helped spur on the economy resulting in low unemployment (with FULL TIME JOBS, unlike Biden’s part-time and lower income job growth), higher wages (some demographics had historic rage increases), LOW INTEREST RATES and LOW INFLATION and yet the GDP was at about 4% just before COVID hit.

      Trump’s deficits were directly tied to COVID. Biden had the vaccines and the economy was already coming back a few month into his presidency (Trump was correct, it was a “V” shaped recovery) so there was not need for all of Biden and Dems extra spending on their pet project and paying back their supporters (also called bribes).

      Trump didn’t lead a movement to try and illegally overturn a fair election. Do some research on all that, including our election history, our Constitution, what really happened on Jan 6, 2021, etc.

      What “tax fraud” are you talking about. Trump isn’t being prosecuted on tax fraud charges. Do you really know what’s going on with the various lawfare suits? Do you know the history of such suits and actions against him and the spirit of the laws that the leftists are breaking so THEY can seek vengeance!!

      As for Bibles and tennis shoes, I have no problem with him selling these things, as it’s much better than the Biden’s selling a wink and a nod political favors and tax payer money going to those who fill up the Biden’s dozen shell company bank accounts, most of them overseas in shady countries.

      The 91 charges are throwing a pot of spaghetti onto the wall to see what will stick. It’s an old lawfare practice, a corruption of the legal system.

      The elite evangelicals are those who are more wealthy and on the leftist coasts.

      The “dictator for a day” comment came along with his saying what he’d do on that one day and GUESS WHAT, it was exactly the SAME THINGS BIDEN DID ON IS FIRST DAY, but in reverse – Trump would undo, by executive action (just as Biden did) all the terrible things Biden did on his first day. As for vengeance, have you been paying attention? Just representing Trump in a trial, which IT IS THE RIGHT FOR ALL TO HAVE COUNSEL in a lawsuit, has gotten those lawyers who represented Trump, disbarred, fined, and ran out of town in some instances. GENERAL FLYNN WAS RAILROADED BY OBAMA’S FBI, for goodness sake!! Actually, the instances of vengeance on the left, is nearly endless.

      Where do you get that USA evangelicals want to war against LGBT and to be like Putin/Russian government and the Russian church? That’s just crazy. Evangelicals want to go back to about 15 minutes ago, when leftists new what a woman was and a birthed-as-a-man could not magically become a woman/transwoman (and I’m not talking about true intersex people here,which is different). We want a less really society that is similar to the societies and civilizations that have been the norm for the last 5000+ years! We’re talking COMMON SENSE, not a religious oligarchy thing, But note that the Founders had no problem with religion as they were religious/spiritual and set up our nation to have religious people in it and running it.

      1. “wage”, not “rage” increases. “Crazy”, not “really” society. Sorry for not putting in the appropriate question marks!!

      2. Cath,
        Again, the dems do not have a monopoly on the rich. Donations show this to be the case. There are large donations given to both candidates.

        Second, Trump’s original bond money was based on the taxes he owed the government. He ran a scheme that many others do. He overstated the value of his assets to get loans and then understated them filling out taxes. That is tax fraud.

        Third, Not all of Trump’s deficits were related to Covid. His largest ones were. But when repubs point out the high deficits of Obama or even Biden, the context for those deficits are not reported. For example, deficits shot up when Obama took office. that was because of the financial catastrophe that the Bush Administration left the country in. But then the deficits went down until the latter part of his presidency when they began going up again. When Trump first took office, his went up deficit at small but significant amount compared to how the deficits were going up at the end of Obama’s Presidency. Biden’s deficits, though larger, are not that high compared to the deficits of his predecessors.

        Fourth, Trump pressured Pence to disregard his constitutional duty in counting the electoral votes. He advertised the event saying that it would be wild. He fired up the crowd including pushing the big lie and did everything but to explicitly tell them to everything to stop the counting of electoral votes. In fact, in one of this Presidential debates, he told one of the groups that invaded the Capitol Building to ‘stand back and stand by.’ Immediately after the insurrection, he called those who participated in it ‘criminals.’ He is now calling them ‘hostages’ and ‘patriots.’

        Fifth, the 91 charges are based on court worthy evidence. Some of the evidence, such as the phone calls to Georgia and the classified documents were in plain site. Your description of the 91 charges is nothing more than a poor attempt to reframe them.

        Sixth, for all of the charges that the repubs have made against Biden, they have yet to produce any court worthy evidence to support them. The same holds true for all of the election fraud charges filed. I don’t care about shoes. But what I care about is the selling of an edition of the Bible for personal profit which conflates the Scriptures and Christianity with America. That conflation grossly misrepresents the Scriptures and Christianity as the Scriptures define it.

        Seventh, the dictator for the day comment was said in the context of what he wanted to do to his political rivals. BTW, signing EOs is not being a dictator. Every President has signed EOs and none of them saw that as being a dictator. Being a dictator is placing oneself above The Constitution to do what one wants to do. In addition, Trump has expressed admiration for and even envy of some of the worst current dictators in the world such as Putin, Jinping, Erdogan, and Jung un.

        Eighth, the ‘elite’ evangelicals referred to those who had access to MSM. You will find quite a bit of wealth in some of the evangelicals who support Trump. My point is that there are some non-elite evangelicals who also oppose Trump.

        Finally, yes, evangelicals have pursuing a war against the LGBT community. They support Trump because of his judicial appointments who not only oppose abortion, but oppose same-sex marriage. The Republican opposition to wokeness in large part has to do with wokeism’s push for full equality for the LGBT community. Most Republicans want to see a reversal of the Obergefell decision just as they wanted to and got a reversal of Roe v Wade. Just examine the Republican controlled states and see how they are trying to censor woke material and it isn’t just because of racial issues. Read the articles posted on this website that talk about the LGBT community.

        And yes, Putin’s Russia is the direction that Trump wants to take this country. Listen to his latest comments about Christianity and this nation. Then look at the laws that Putin and Russia have passed that target the LGBT community there as well as laws that prohibit evangelism from being practiced by those from evangelical churches in Russia. Look at who is advising him. But most of all, look at all of the tax and regulation breaks that Trump has brought in behalf of the wealthy. Putin’s Russia gives the appearance of being significantly controlled by the Orthodox Church but is actually a corrupt oligarchy. Then look at the republican push to limit IRS employees. Look at Trump’s fraudulent handling of his own finances. Look at the fact that neither him nor his family can have anything to do with his charities.

        Sorry, but your claims are not based on facts. Whether they are based on alternative facts or too much loyalty, I don’t know.

  2. Hi Curt,
    I’ve been a regular reader of this site for some time, and see that you’re a regular commenter to the dismay of some.

    This is my first comment. No, none of the questions/issues you brought up concern me. Not one bit.

    1) The evidence was provided by the size and source of political contributions.
    2) Jan. 6 – Political Red Herring.
    3) Illegal election interference / tax fraud – Let the wheels of justice turn. But if you can’t see how from the ‘everyman’s’ perspective it appears Trump is being treated arbitrarily and capriciously…your scales need calibration.
    4) Trust – I wish that was a word we actually used in elections. But right now, the battle is over which kind of medical treatment the country receives. I might agree with many that Trump is chemotherapy…and yet we still proscribe it to cure cancer. Biden is into amputation – biting the hands that have fed this country, especially Christians.
    5) Bibles – 1st I’ve heard of it…I’ll surf for it.
    6) More charges – See #3.
    7) Evangelical Elites – Anyone who things they are scoring points for publicly rebuking Christians in the NYT, the Atlantic, on CNN or NPR are neither evangelical nor elite. But you have to call the naked emperor something.
    8) Vengeance – It’s the Lord’s. He is giving us what we deserve, good and hard. But if Trump decides to have the FBI raid a Planned Parenthood clinic while they’re selling baby parts I’d sign up for Pay-per-view.
    9) Russia Comparison – All that you wrote there, even if Trump or someone else wanted to be like them, they couldn’t accomplish it. But in theological terms, Biden is trying to change us into places that have existed before. Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah, Babel. Demos may be the will of the people, but Jesus is the Lord of ALL!

    Praying you have a blessed Resurrection Sunday. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!

    1. John,
      #1. Using single variables to make conclusions is problematic. If you go to the 2020 campaign, it is true that Biden received both more and a higher percentage of large contributions than Trump. But Biden also received more in small contributions than Trump did. But what does that say? Does it say that the wealthy only support Biden? Does it say that the middle class and others only supported Trump? Does it say why people supported Biden or Trump?

      Another variable to consider is policies. Again, Trump’s tax and regulations policies catered to the wealthy at the expense of others. Again his tax cuts helped the wealthy and some corporations used those tax cuts to increase the value of their own stocks with buybacks more than they invested in current and new employees. In addition, clean air and water regulation cuts cause damage not just to the climate in the long run, but to the environment now. Those cuts in regulations also increased the wealth of the wealthy at everyone’s expense.

      #2. Jan 6th is a red herring? The attempted overthrow and theft of a fair election is a red herring? And the fact that the same people whom Trump described as criminals immediately after the Jan 6 he now describes as hostages and patriots is not an issue? Trump engaged in extreme gaslighting at the least here, as are those in the media who are saying the same. The protesters built gallows on the premises, violently broke into the Capitol building, hunted for members of congress, broke into congressional offices and stole property and information, sought to stop the counting of electoral votes, and violently assaulted police officers and all of that is a red herring to you? Who is the one who needs calibration here?

      #3. The the decision to investigate classified documents in Mara-lago, participation on Jan 6, and election interference in Georgia are not capricious. Compare the holding of classified documents by Pence and Biden with Trump. While the former not only notified the government on their own, they immediately and voluntarily surrendered those documents to the government. Trump fought tooth and nail to keep the documents.

      As for the NY fraud case. Again, those running for the public office should receive more scrutiny than those who don’t. Consider the evidence gathered against Trump’s business practices and the judge’s findings. The evidence and findings themselves show that the investigation was merited. And look at the House of Representatives’ investigation of Biden. Though having a majority, they could not muster enough worthwhile evidence to support an impeachment let alone they could not produce any court worthy evidence to call for an indictment.

      #4. Your statements there are unclear. They are especially unclear regarding the claims that Biden is attacking Christians.

      #5. Trump is selling KJV Bibles that include documents by the Founding Fathers and the pledge of allegiance for $60 to raise money for campaign and/or legal fees. The conflation of the Founding Fathers with the Gospel is theologically untenable to say the least and manipulative as well as virtue signaling. He has attacked parts of The Constitution before and does not show that any significant knowledge of what the Scriptures say.

      #6. Sorry, but the 91 charges are the results of those who were first investigating Trump’s activities having presented court worthy evidence to merit the indictments. Remember that grand juries indict people, not prosecutors. But also, Trump claiming that he is immune from the consequences of breaking any laws he wants while being President is not just an indicator of guilt, it is ominous sign of the future if he were elected in 2024.

      #7. Christians publicly rebuke each other all of the time in matters of theology. And “elites” are not the only evangelicals who oppose Trump. Again, 20% of evangelicals did not vote for Trump

      #8. Not all of Trump’s calls for vengeance involve the FBI. And it isn’t Biden who is directing the DOJ and the FBI to investigate Trump.

      Finally, regarding the Russian comparison. That comparison holds. Just as Putin throws enough bones to the Orthodox Church in return for their support, Putin leads an oligarchy in Russia. Trump is also throwing just enough bones to keep a lot of evangelicals in his corner. In the end he wants an autocratic government that favors the wealthy. In a public interview with one of Trump’s defense secretaries, one them stated that Trump asked that the military shoot protesters who were protesting his Presidency. Also, what does Trump want to be on the first day? He has said that he wants to be a dictator. And if he could be dictator for the first day of his Presidency, what could motivate him to give up that power?

      1. “Using single variables is problematic” and yet you reputed by doing it! The general truth is that the rich give much much more to Democrats than to Republicans.

        That’s totally wrong and untrue that “Trump’s tax and regulations policies catered to the wealthy at the expense of others. Again his tax cuts helped the wealthy and some corporations used those tax cuts to increase the value of their own stocks with buybacks more than they invested in current and new employees” -even the NYT and WashPost had to admit that Trump and Republican’s new tax laws made it so working class and middle income Americans had up to $4000 more in their pockets per year! BUT, Democrats said, and still say “but it was at the expense of all of us, due to less federal tax money coming in” (which you said similar), but the truth is THE TREASURY WAS GETTING IN RECORD AMOUNTS OF MONEY AT THE TIME! Why? the economy was doing so well that MORE taxes were being paid by way of income tax, sales, tax, etc.

        1. Cath,
          Try including the whole quote before commenting on it:

          Using single variables to make conclusions is problematic.

          The original claim was that rich support the dems while others support Trump. In reality, the rich support both the repubs and the dems. I agree with you that Biden received larger contributions than Trump. But the next question is why?

          And yes, his tax and regulation cuts catered to the wealthy. They received the biggest benefit from the tax cuts and Trump’s cuts of environmental regulations favored large businesses. The tax cuts for wealthy corporations, for example, were often used by those corporations to buy back stock shares in order to increase the value of those shares. In fact, what you don’t understand about Trump’s tax cuts is that Executive pay increased sharply and high-end workers received some increases. But for those below the 90th percentile, they saw no increased in earnings. It isn’t just the tax returns that we need to focus on which is why I wrote that using single variables to come to a conclusion is problematic. Not only did Trump’s deficits go up, in terms of income, most workers did not see any income benefit from the cuts.

      2. There was not the “attempted overthrow and theft of a fair election”, unless you mean the Democrats who got rid of many (in some places nearly ALL) laws and regulations regarding secure and fair elections, all due to “COVID safety measures” (somehow though, we could all stand in line safely at Trader Joe’s!!!). Many swing states and swing precincts had allowed tons of unmanned ballot boxes (but only a few, if any, in Republican precincts) where “harvesters” dropped off ballots, EVEN IN STATES WHERE BALLOT HARVESTING WAS ILLEGAL (as it is in all Western and Industrialized countries!!).

        They lowered signature, address and date requirements, in some places, almost to nothing and they set up massive rooms in Democrat precincts, with cardboard on the windows (so Republicans observers could see) where “curing the ballots” could be done and new ballots printed out, if the old ones were in “bad shape”, but by WHO’S STANDARDS? AND WHO DECIDES WHAT THE OLD BALLOT “SAID”? (reminds me of the 2000 election’s “hanging chads” and the “Oh, this ballot’s hanging chad makes it so I can’t tell who’s being voted for – but it must be Al Gore!! Into the Al Gore pile it goes!!”).

        1. Cath,
          Trump appointees themselves, including judges, the head of the DOJ, and others stated clearly that the election was fair and was not affected by fraud. And Trump heard those reports and knew that.

      3. Trump described the people who broke down the emergency windows to get in and knocked down security guards/police as the criminals and described those that just went there (and some WALKED IN) to petition of THEIR government and protest as patriots, because they were (check out the Boston Tea Party, the Occupy and Tea Party movements) and they are political hostages because after what amounted to trespass into “The People’s House” (the Capitol), they were and being held FOR YEARS in some cases (note that 3 recent ILLEGAL ALIENS just beat the carp out of a couple of NYC cops and got released without charge, without bail!) in dungeon-like conditions in the D.C. jail with rats, rat poop, mold, dirt and they are not given their prescription drugs or special foods in their special food diet (non-gluten, etc.).

        1. Cath,
          Some of the same people who broke also went into the House and Senate chambers to disrupt a Constitutional proceeding. In fact, Trump, in referring to those who were in prison, didn’t distinguish those who used violence to break in from those who invaded the House and Senate chambers and who were hunting for member of congress and who were chanting to hang people.

          We have a right to petition government. But there are legal ways of petitioning the government and illegal ways of petitioning the government. And those who broke into the Capitol Building, who went into those chambers, who also arrogantly broke into offices were trying to disrupt a Constitutional proceeding. They weren’t petitioning their gov’t.

      4. A small, toy-sized “gallow” was made by a father and son outside and a handful of people went after politicians in the Capitol and got into a couple of offices and took a few pieces of personal property and trashed stuff. It was terrible, especially that cops got hurt (but they did TONS of hurting themselves – at times to those who were peacefully protesting). This was a handful of people out of the 30,000 to 50,000 people who were there, all around the Capitol. And it was nothing compared to the Democrat endorsed (or at least tolerated) 2020 riots that took over police precincts and tried to burn down a federal courthouse AND DID TAKE OVER county buildings in a downtown in Oregon and burned down other buildings and homes and cars and looted and vandalized and beat up, to a pulp, many people (about 100 died).

        1. Cath,
          The video shows that the gallows constructed were not toy sized.

          BTW, most of the protests following the George Floyd murder were peaceful. Of the BLM protests, 93% were peaceful. Some of the violence in those protests were done by provocateurs or white supremacists. Some were done by Antifa and Anarchists. The riots were wrong.

      5. Trump didn’t do “election interference in Georgia”. Read the whole conversation he had with the state AG, not just the edited version of the conversation by WashPost. His campaign already found thousands of ballots that were unlawfully counted and Trump only lost by about 4000 ballots. THAT’S what he was talking about – he wanted those ballots investigated because he didn’t have the authority to investigate them, but the state AG did! In fact, True The Vote recently was taken to court by a Democrat group (aligned with the Clintons, I believe) because they talked about those ballots and True the Vote WON THE CASE, because there WERE ballots of illegal immigrants, people who had died, moved away or were under-aged who unlawfully voted and it was enough to give Trump Georgia in the 2020 election.

      6. The investigation into Biden’s classified documents showed that WITHOUT A DOUBT Biden DIDN’T NOTIFY the authorities that he had the documents when it seems he first realized he had them (or we think he first realized). This is proven by Biden’s own words from a decade or so ago when he told his ghostwriter about his classified documents and how they’d be a resource for his biography, yet he didn’t tell the authorities that he had the documents! The Special Investigator concluded that Biden did willfully hold onto classified documents that he was not legally allowed to have, but any court would say that “he just forgot” and so he wouldn’t be convicted (and so the Investigator didn’t recommend prosecution of Biden, after he is president. The real reason is probably that he didn’t want a mob at his house, threatening him).

        1. Cath,
          It was Biden’s team that alerted the government of the presence of the classified documents just as it was Pence’s team that did the same. Trump resisted attempts by the National Archives to return the documents that he knew he had.

      7. Trump fought “tooth and nail” to keep documents because no doubt many of them outlined the malicious, vengeance-seeking “Russia Russia Russia” bogus attacks on the Trump admin. done by left-over Obama government people and Democrats in D.C. Plus, Presidents (and not VP or Senators) can take classified documents (like Bill Clinton did with dozens of audio tapes from the WH from while he was president) for their library and memoirs.

      8. Good God, open your eyes to the evidence of the Biden’s corruption and influence peddling. Just because a Democrat operative says “there’s no/very little evidence”, doesn’t mean it’s true (your comment is almost verbatim from a recent Democrat report). YOU read about it yourself. And just as much “scrutiny” should be given to Biden, the Clintons, the Obamas, etc. but it never seems to be!

        1. Cath,
          My eyes are open. And so far the Repubs have offered no court worthy evidence, something that even some Republican House of Representatives have admitted.

      9. I’ll explain #4 in the way I see it: Trump is the “bitter pill” that will get us back (and he did somewhat already until Biden dictatorly undid all of Trump’s presidential actions!) to the Constitution/Declaration of Independence. Biden is cutting up the country into those who he and Dems want and those who he and Dems wanted “amputated” (Christians, among others).

        1. Cath,
          I am a Christian and I don’t feel amputated, neither does the wife.

          If anything, Trump is a departure from The Constitution. He protested the clause that prohibits the President from financially benefiting from his decisions. He criticized the part of the 14th Amendment that states that those who are born here are American citizens. He once asked his Secretary of Defense to have the military shoot protesters. And he tried to get Pence to abandon his Constitutional duty to count electoral votes. And he planned the Jan 6 rally and advertised saying it will be ‘wild.’ He is now arguing that the President is immune to any criminal charges, which could be seen as an admission of guilt.

          In addition, he has demonized those who oppose his policies or criticized him and has called the press the enemy of the people. On the other hand, he has expressed envy of Jinping’s hold on power in China, has publicly expressed admiration for dictators like Putin and Erdogan and has placed more trust in Putin than in our own intelligence services.

          Trump is a bitter pill for sure. But whether he is toxic or medicinal is another issue.

      10. “The conflation of the Founding Fathers with the Gospel is theologically untenable to say the least and manipulative as well as virtue signaling. He has attacked parts of The Constitution before and does not show that any significant knowledge of what the Scriptures say”. Why did you put “The Constitution” in italics? And if you’re referring to Trump’s comment about
        “suspending the Constitution” after the 2020 vote/balloting problems of 3am shutdowns, lack of signatures/addresses, no dates or late dates on ballots, “curing rooms” that were shut off from observers, etc., I get why he suggested putting a hold on everything and did you know that Democrats HAVE VOTED TO “SUSPEND/PUT ON HOLD” the electoral counting when they thought there was vote fraud and they wanted to stop the elector votes after the 2020 election?

        To correct some other errors: The Founding Fathers READ THE GOSPEL out of THEIR OWN BIBLES while IN CONGRESS (both the Continental Congress and USA Congress) and STUDIED their Bibles for inspiration on what to do and how to frame this government AND THEIR 1st AMENDMENT, that THEY WROTE, CODIFIES THEIR DESIRE THAT RELIGION and the FREE expression of it in everyone’s lives and in society, IS WHAT THEY WANTED AND DESIRED IT TO CONTINUE, FREELY. There is no “separation of church and state” found in any Founding Documents and it’s been misinterpreted for ages. Read some of the Founder’s writings.

        As for “manipulative and virtue signaling”, you can really mention that while Biden called me a “semi-fascist” among other horrendous names/virtue signaling?

        1. Cath,
          Not all of the Founding Fathers believed in the Gospels. Furthermore what is written in The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence is not Christianity. Christianity is about the Gospel and all of the implications that can be biblically made about the Gospel. The Gospel is first and foremost about our relationship with God and then what that relationship with God implies about our relationship with people.

          Thomas Jefferson was one of the Founding Fathers. He read the Gospels and also produced a version of the Gospels that excluded Jesus’s miracles including His resurrection. Cutting out the miracles from the Gospels destroys the basis for Christianity. One who denies the miracles of Jesus including the Resurrection cannot be a Christian. Ben Franklin was a deist. George Washington’s religion is really unknown. Thought the majority of the Founding Fathers were Christians, what they wrote in the founding documents is not Christianity. That doesn’t mean that it necessarily goes against Christianity, though a significant amount did, it just means that it isn’t Christianity.

          An example of parts of The Constitution that go against the Gospel are the parts that deny citizenship to Native Americans and count slaves as 3/5ths of a person. We should note that the Nationalization Acts of 1790 and 1795 allow only free whites to become citizens. That stood in place until the 14th Amendment. And so we see white supremacy rearing its ugly head at the beginning of our nation.

      11. Biden DID direct his FBI and DOJ to investigate and indict Trump!! It’s on record. Biden said “I wish AG Garland would do his job when it comes to Trump – be more aggressive with Trump” and just a few weeks later, BOOM, Trump’s indicted, mulitple times!! As for “a Grand Jury indicts….”, BUT A GRAND JURY (just a dozen or so people) from NYC or Washington D.C. WILL ALWAYS INDICT TRUMP – the enemy of Democrats. It would snow in MAY sooner than they WOULD TREAT TRUMP EQUALLY AND FAIRLY, ACCORDING TO THE LAW AS IT IS WRITTEN AND HAS BEEN USED BEFORE…..meaning, THEY WOULD NEVER GIVE TRUMP A FAIR TRIAL. Look at the cases yourself and read up on the history of the statutes.

        1. Cath,
          He was indicted because he resisted efforts by the National Archives to return documents. He was indicted because of his phone calls to Georgia. The latter showed that he was indicted without the help of the AG or the FBI.

          Biden was on record? Provide documentation.

          I’ve looked through your notes and it seems that your sources for info are not reliable. You have a strong bias against the dems and strong one for Trump. I am not a liberal or a democrat. I am a leftist. If the Repubs had nominated who wasn’t dangerous narcissistic and authoritarian, I would have voted for a 3rd party candidate in 2020 like I did in 2016. But Trump is dangerous and we have seen too much much evidence of that already..

  3. Curt, I probably should not have engaged…it’s clear neither of us will budge from our positions. I still have no concerns regarding a Trump presidency (I generally like what he did in the last one), and will choose him over Biden. I believe the checks and balances of government would prevent the hyperbolic overreach you suggest.

    If I might opine on just one subject…Classified Material. I was the Classified Material Control Officer onboard a military vessel. Responsible for receipt, filing, access and destruction. Had I left a piece of Top Secret material in the wardroom where others could see it without authorization it would have been career ending. Trump is the only one of the three you mentioned to potentially have an excuse to have materials (formal declassification required)…Senators and VP’s have no such ability or recourse. Legally, I’d like them all to get prosecuted under the law…and anyone else who has violated the rules.

    But that’s the hypocrisy I see, an incumbent administration says “Justice for thee, mercy for me.” Trump, if elected, could potentially do the same thing. And have a legitimate claim to that childhood complaint; “But they started it.” Justice needs to transcend political parties, it needs to apply equally, and ultimately ‘We the People’ need to have confidence in it. That’s not where we stand now. Be Blessed!

    1. John,
      There is value in just sharing what we think. There is value reading or listening to other people’s views and thinking about what those views mean.

      Whether one worries about another Trump Presidency or not depends on what one’s values are and how they assess the situation. Trump’s character not only pertains to his morals, it pertains to how he is as a person. His organization of Jan 6, its intent, his pressuring Pence to break with Constitutional duties, his rejection of the election results despite what almost everyone in his inner circle said, his call for people to take action for him to reverse a fair election, his call for personal vengeance on political rivals, his friendliness with and admiration of dictators, his wanting to be a dictator even if it’s for just one day, his rejection of climate science, his manipulation of groups of people, his politically opportunist use of God’s Word, the degree of his narcissism, and his authoritarian personality paint many dark, swirling, and large ominous clouds that would not just reside on our nation’s horizon.

      Anyone who cares about democracy with equality should be deeply troubled by the prospect of a Trump Presidency.

      1. Trump didn’t “organize” the Jan 6, 2021 breech into the Capitol. It started just before Trump was starting his speech that day. He was clear that he wanted those in attendance to march “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol (also called “The People’s House”). He was NOT pressuring Pence to not follow the Constitutional that day, as the Constitution is unclear as to the VP’s roll/actions, EVIDENCED BY THE FACT THAT THE DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED CONGRESS PASSED A LAW SO THAT IN THE FUTURE, A VP could NOT do what Trump asked Pence to do (get clarification on ballot numbers/count from a state). NOW, IF IT WERE CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL, WHY DID DEMOCRATS MAKE IT ILLEGAL, by way of legislation? It’s because it’s not clear (read up on our USA election history – we’ve had some odd ones in the past). Sorry for the all caps, but I’m tired of reading the leftist lies online!!

        1. Cath,
          Trump organized the rally and announced ahead of time. He advertised it by saying it was going to be a ‘wild time.’ He told the Proud Boys to ‘stand back and stand by.’ The latter he said during a Presidential debate.

      2. The truth is, some of the 2020 election results SHOULD be questions and I don’t care what “most of his inner circle said”, I saw, by way of video and testimony from witnesses what went on throughout the 2020 election and it was bad in some areas. Do you know about the Zuckerbucks? About the illegal and irregular voting rules that opened up the chance for election fraud? The “mules” who harvested thousands of ballots? The thousands of convalescence and homes for the elderly/asst. living places in WI had 100% voter participation rate, even of the many thousands who had full on dementia, so they couldn’t legally vote, but they did, thanks to the Democrat “harvesters”? Note that Pres Carter and SOS Baker did research into how easy it is to commit vote fraud in all mail-in voting and with ballot harvesting. It’s done around the world in banana republics! European and “advanced societies”, so to speak, stopped “for any reason absentee” and “all mail in balloting” ages ago. Even Mexico doesn’t allow it, I believe.

        1. Cath,
          60 lawsuits and yet no court worthy evidence plus his inner circle. That you don’t care what such credible sources say says something here about what governs your beliefs.

        1. Cath,
          They disagreed bout policies. But, again, His AG, other appointees and the courts said that there was credible evidence pointing to any significant voter fraud.

          1. Cath,
            Editorial comment:

            The line that said:

            But, again, His AG, other appointees and the courts said that there was credible evidence pointing to any significant voter fraud.

            Should have said:

            But, again, His AG, other appointees and the courts said that there was no credible evidence pointing to any significant voter fraud.

      3. Do you remember (probably too young) that Pres Reagan was “friendly with” and “admired” USSR’s Pres Gorbachev!!! And how did that turn out? Reagan’s actions (and he had everyone in his circle telling him to NOT say “Gorbechev, TARE DOWN THIS WALL!” in his speech, regarding the Berlin wall, but he did anyway). He and the USA were ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY, as Reagan put it…..and the USSR fell.

        1. Cath,
          I remember that. Do you remember that he also called the Soviet Union the ‘evil ’empire’ and even said that in 5 minutes that the US was bombing the Soviet Union–the latter he said joking around. Reagan supported terrorism in Nicaragua because it had a leftist government. BTW, that leftist government brought democracy to that country. He supported military and paramilitary groups in El Salvador to combat the leftist group there. He praised Pinochet and said that Pinochet saved Chile from Allende’s policies. BTW, Pinochet was indicted for crimes against humanity but died before he could face trial.

          He liked Gorbachev and who didn’t? Rush Limbaugh didn’t.

      4. We are a constitutional republic, not a “democracy”. The Founders hated “democracies”. They equated them to mob-rule (thus, they can’t have “equality”) and they noted how violent they are in their beginnings and endings.

        Here is one example of the many Democrat’s vengeance attacks against Republicans: General Flynn, who was Trump’s NSA adviser (this was during the transition period – Obama was still president), was called in by Obama’s FBI “for a casual meeting” (Flynn asked if he needed a lawyer and they said “No, this is casual – we just want to get to the bottom of this ‘Russian collusion to rig the election’ – if there was any”). After that meeting, they noted that Flynn was being honest with them. This FBI case was about to be closed but Obama’s WH (some say it was VP Biden, but he denies it) told the FBI to keep it open and Flynn ended up being prosecuted for “lying to the FBI”. He lost everything (house, etc.) because of court fees/lawyer costs and when they threatened to “go after” his son (who just had a new born child) and bankrupt him, Flynn confessed to “lying to the FBI”. He later changed his plea to not-guilty, due to later investigations that showed that the FBI DIDN’T THINK HE LIED TO THEM and actually noted that he was being honest with them. Trump’s DOJ (Trump was in office at this point) dropped the charges, BUT THE HELL-BENT-ON-VENGEANCE Obama appointed Democrat judge in Flynn case continued to try it himself (which had never been done in the history of the USA) and he never did drop the charges, nor bring the case to a conclusion (Trump’s term was up and Trump ended up pardoning Flynn).

        1. Cath,
          An elected representative republic is a democracy. Such a republic is just one form of a democracy. In fact, thesauruses have the words ‘republic’ and ‘democracy’ as synonyms.

          Flynn, btw, was on a Russian payroll without acknowledging it.

          But I am going to stop here. Your news sources are skewed and I think that I have showed that in several places. I am going to wait until you post information from credible news sources before responding to any more posts.

      5. “…….his manipulation of groups of people, his politically opportunist use of God’s Word, the degree of his narcissism, and his authoritarian personality paint many dark, swirling, and large ominous clouds that would not just reside on our nation’s horizon”, this COMPLETELY DEFINES BIDEN!! I want you to give concrete examples (except for the narcissism – I think Jamie Diamond said that all politicians are narcissists) of these things in Trump.

        1. Cath,
          Look up the characteristics of Narcissism. But then again, I am not a trained professional. But trained professionals have spoken out about Trump’s narcissism including the author of the book, The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing And The Psychology Of Genocide. Other trained professionals include mental health professionals from Stanford, Yale, and Harvard.

          But if you want a specific example, then consider the following Trump claim: ‘I alone can fix it.’ Then consider other similar claims.

  4. Well, the first consideration is whether another Trump has an interest in running in 2028 or 2032. If so, then Trump won’t want to elevate an potentially strong candidate like Vance. Also, he really doesn’t want to elevate someone that might get too independent and Vance could well do that. Likewise, I don’t see him going for an opponent that ran against him, leaving De Santis and Haley out, to say nothing of Christie.

    Cotton strikes me as a good choice. Not bad for evangelicals and social conservatives, but he doesn’t need any real help there. Cotton, meanwhile, has prospects of further eroding Afro-American voters from the Dems. And it plays well against Biden’s “You ain’t black.” comment. Likewise, he can criticize Kamala Harris without being easily tarred as a White Nationalist. But beyond that, he did run against Trump but endorsed hi after withdrawing. So he’s a safe “opponent” that fits in the fold. Further, Cotton probably won’t be too inclined to run against a Trump in 2028 after serving in a Trump administration.

    Personally, I don’t like Trump and I don’t like Biden. I will be voting Libertarian; but this is the way I see it as the best Trump tactic.

    1. In paragraph 2, I was a bit confused by the person you refer to as “Cotton.” Did you perhaps mean Tim Scott (R-SC) instead? . While both he and Tom Cotton are sitting senators, Senator Scott is the one who ran, then supported Trump after he dropped out. Senator Cotton, while he did consider a run, did not enter the field for 2024.

      1. I think he means Tim Scott, who I would love to be Trump’s VP pick. As for Trump “running in 2028 and 2032”, Trump can’t run again after being pres again, as he’s serve his 8 years that are allowed constitutionally.

  5. A 1.6 % lead can vanish over night. The Republican nominee should be leading Biden by 15-20% right now — which Nikki Haley was doing. The only reason Biden is even competitive, given his negative ratings on so many key issues, is that voters have a deep and abiding distrust of Donald Trump. Any other nominee would crush Biden – especially Haley.

    1. Roy,
      As much as I am not a Biden fan, he has done some worthwhile things. The bill designed to help curb climate change is one. Support for Ukraine is another. Unemployment is down and inflation, which was caused by the end of the lockdowns as well as Russia’s invasion, is down and under control. Initially, Biden’s immigration policies very much resembled Trump’s (you can check that out in the Christian Science Monitor if you don’t believe me). Other than that, he has responded too slowly to what has been happening at the Southern border.

      In addition, many of the stories about Biden come without court worthy evidence including those that come from conspiracy theories.

      The biggest complaint that my fellow religiously conservative Christians have is that societal change is occurring too fast. Of course, the bar for what is too fast can be set unrealistically low in some areas as seen in what those fellow believer want to see as portrayed in this website.

      So when you talk about the margin between Trump and Biden, I am not sure why you think it should be between 15%-20% especially when you have Jan 6 and the revisionism about that that is going on. Also, what we are talking about here is the competition for the most part is for independent voters. In addition, Trump has caused some to leave the Republican Party. I agree that a 1.6% lead can disappear overnight. In fact, I don’t think such a lead is significant enough to establish any firm expectations about the election if the election was to occur today..

      1. Cath, I don’t find any of the things you listed “worth while” things. As do many Americans. These are just democrat/wine mom talking points that appeals to a very small minority of radical left-wing voters.

        Curbing climate change? A total non-issue that only idealistic college students care about. Its total alarmism too. For decades, green house gas emissions have been decoupled from GDP per capita in the US, and most western countries, because of technological innovation even before Biden’s presidency.
        More so, People want cheap energy, cheap electricity, and Biden’s attacks on natural gas and coal under the guise of “climate change” doesn’t help.

        Support for Ukraine is absolutely insane. Ukraine is a corrupt coutry, ruled by a dictator, who has banned elections and even independent media.

        He conscripts people to die in an unwinnable war. The US government is exploiting him to weaken Russia. We don’t give a damn about the Ukrainian people or their suffering. Its realpolitik.

        Unemployment may be down, but it was also historically down under Trump, but with none of the inflation we see under Biden. Car insurance is up, health insurance is up, rent is up, and for many Americans – food is too expensive.

        Trump’s economic performance would have been better had COVID not been factor. Although, you’ll probably him for the virus, weirdly enough, while ignoring thousands of people died from COVID under Biden’s watch too. But no one cares on the left because he’s not a Republican.

        Biden doesn’t have anything to run on besides moralizing about Trump’s character. Its not a convicing argument because people don’t care about that. They care about how their life will be. Slogans such as “democracy” and “decency” are utterly meaningless. Especially when the United States has a history of undermining democracy aboard and at hope.

        Even the decency argument for Biden is strange – are we forgetting the fact he had staffers gay sex in Congress, and numerous scandels such his DEI hire Sam Brinton bragging about his sex play, doing bondage, and even getting himself fired being stealing luggage.

        How is Biden bringing decency to the WH when he’s hiring utterly respulsive people? Its just surreal and clownish to say otherwise.

        The man is senile and has to go.

  6. My thought on Trump’s VP pick is that it should be someone even more feared by the far left than Trump, which is DeSantis. Trump can really get a crowd going, and those who like him tend to love him, but the progressive left intensely and absolutely hates him. In fact, so many people hate him that he must consider taking great care to avoid assassination, particularly if it is looking like he would win the presidency. DeSantis doesn’t inspire quite the same level of love or hate, but what he does do is get radical things done. He’s like a strategic version of Trump (who continually shoots from the hip). For instance, I truly think Trump could have won Arizona and thus the presidency in the last election, if he’d just been able to shut up about “beloved in AZ” John McCain (who although he had some bad and good characteristics, his main characteristic was being dead); but Trump just couldn’t and wouldn’t lay off him, which had a lot to do with losing Arizona.

  7. This election, today, is a dead heat between two very unattractive candidates. Trump’s MAGA crowd, some 1/3 of voters enthusiastically follow him. Biden’s 1/3 grimly follow him, dreading a Trump victory. The middle mish mash will decide the election and traditionally the VP pick will, or should broaden the ticket’s appeal. Taylor Swift may be chosen. To me, the USA sits on a razor blade; my prime concern is that it may not exist for my grandkids. Energy and the economy are the two sides of the same coin; it is impossible that one can be small and weak and the other big and powerful. I engineered a score of nukes and two score carbon (fossil) fueled power plants and am certain of this. If the scientists (I am not one) are correct that fire will kill us, then there is no hope. Without cheap carbon fuels, man kind is doomed. The only choice is who goes first. Biden’s green energy will destroy our economy and that, historically, leads to war. Trump goes the other way.

    You decide.

      1. We, and most nations, get most of our energy from fire, the combustion of carbon in air. It is the sole ubiquitous cheap energy source, fuel, on earth. There are alternative energies which have niche applications but they all have severe technical limitations. e.g. uranium fission requires an advanced industrial society. The US grid is creaky, most of our power plants are far beyond their design lives. We will see something like the Baltimore bridge collapse, wholly unknown, until the disaster. We did not learn from the Puerto Rico grid collapse or the Texas grid collapse.

        We will.

          1. It is simple. Baring a technology, not now existing and cost effective, man will either use carbon fuels or die. There is no alternative which can sustain the masses.

            Happy Easter.

          2. R.L. Hails,
            Actually we have some technologies that are cutting into the use of Carbon based fuels. And the question becomes how can we develop those and new technologies so that we can transition from carbon based fuels.

            We are being hit by the effects of climate change already. The question isn’t whether we can avoid all of those affects, but can we avoid enough of those effects to survive as a species. Of course with the wars going on along with future wars, we are testing what was written in the Russell-Einstein Manifesto. And if the Manifesto is true, we won’t have to worry about climate change killing us off.

  8. “The most up-to-date RealClearPolitics polling average shows Trump up by 1.6 percent nationally over Joe Biden.”

    Fake news: Trump’s RCP lead is .9. It was 1.9 a few weeks ago.

  9. This article might be the most well-written piece on this site (so far.) Kudos to all who engaged with it and with one another.

    Voters, especially Christian voters, have two seemingly bad choices to vote for in November of ’24. With RFK and his left-leaning VP choice, the D’s may not have an easy time of it this go-round. Especially if the R’s choose a strong female and/or minority candidate who is clear presidential material for ’28 (or just in case). In my perfect world that person just might be Winsome Sears, but I don’t think she was born in America, which likely disqualifies her as a VP choice.

    Some savvy political play will be needed to carry the day. I don’t foresee Trump choosing someone who looks like himself, such as Tom Cotton or J.D. Vance, who are probably better suited for positions in an R administration using their respected expertise and passions than they are for winning a general election.

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