Author: Bradley G. Green

Bradley G. Green

Bradley G. Green Bradley G. Green is Professor of Theological Studies at Union University (Jackson, Tennessee) and Professor of Philosophy and Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written essays and reviews for International Journal of Systematic Theology, First Things, Chronicles, and Touchstone and is the author of numerous books on systematic theology, church history, and the Christian intellectual tradition.

Critical Theory and the Gospel

We should not be surprised that Critical Theory can be understood as a kind of religion—a kind of idolatrous endeavor which cannot but help think about ultimate realities in a way which both borrows from traditional biblical themes and categories, while simultaneously corrupting, marginalizing, and even mocking them.

Good News and its Ideological Counterfeits

When a problem is posed—for DiAngelo the key issue is race or skin color, but no real solution is offered, we have a recipe for cultural disaster and chaos. It is—in a sense—bad news with no good news whatsoever. Even through DiAngelo’s understanding of the problem is not as deep as Augustine’s, there is no meaningful solution whatsoever.