Author: C.R. Wiley

C.R. Wiley

C.R. Wiley C. R. Wiley is a Presbyterian pastor living in the Pacific Northwest. He has written for Touchstone Magazine, Modern Reformation, Sacred Architecture, The Imaginative Conservative, Front Porch Republic, Scenes Media, and National Review Online. His short fiction has appeared in The Mythic Circle (published by the Mythopoeic Society) and elsewhere, and he has published young adult fiction. He has been a commercial real estate investor, a building contractor, and a college professor. He is a member of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters and he is the author of Man of the House and The Household and the War for the Cosmos.

Sisyphus Just Keeps Rolling Along

Ideologues always overreach. While feminism, liberalism, and sexual liberation are the most prominent contenders against the family today, they are doomed to fail because of the limits Nature imposes.