Author: Christian Winter

Christian Winter

Christian Winter is a doctoral student in politics at Hillsdale College in Michigan, but was raised in the Last Frontier—Alaska. His in-progress dissertation is on Nietzsche. Christian received a BA from Union University and an MA from Hillsdale. He and his wife Julia live in Jonesville, Michigan, and are members of College Baptist Church.

Lament for a Lost Way of Life

Sweet Land and Godspeed present a way of life that modern Americans have by and large forgotten... being tied to a particular and unique people that all have their own stories and come from particular, unique places.

Why the World Needs Men

Drawing on nature, history, literature, science, common experience, and Scripture, Anthony Esolen defends a traditionalist understanding of manhood, an understanding that recognizes the good and unique differences between men and women and the consequently different roles for men and women in the family, society, politics, and the church.

What is a Woman?

For Christians to truly hold fast to what is good, to truly seek the good of their neighbors, then they must hate what is evil. They must hate the evil lies promoted by transgender activists. Out of love for others and love for the truth, Christians must refuse to speak the lies of transgender ideology.