Author: David C. Innes

David C. Innes

David C. Innes David C. Innes is professor of politics at The King’s College in New York City and a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He has published in The Washington Times, American Thinker, The Daily Caller, American Greatness, and and is the author of Christ and the Kingdoms of Men: Foundations of Political Life, The Christian Citizen, and Francis Bacon.

Can Liberalism Be Saved? Part II

The Enlightenment political project, for all its considerable merits, was doomed from the start as it built itself on an ultimately unstable foundation of metaphysically truncated, morally thin, autonomous individualism. This raises the question, however: has liberalism had its day or can it be reconstituted on more soundly Biblical grounds?

Can Liberalism be Saved?

Part I: The Great Unravelling Introduction Modern liberalism, that bold experiment in human freedom and popular self-government, has faced some […]

Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God

In the past eighteen months of the Covid pandemic crisis, there has been a great deal of attention on how to control the governed—keep them inside, keep them separated, keep them masked, get them vaccinated—but relatively little on restraining the inevitable abuse or ill-advised use of that control.