Author: John Ehrett

John Ehrett

John Ehrett is an attorney and writer in Washington, D.C., where he lives with his wife and son. His work has previously appeared in American Affairs, Public Discourse, and the Claremont Review of Books, among other venues.

Empty Sky Conservatism

“We therefore begin our lives with an incalculable debt. That we did not choose the debt is of no moral import. It is inherent to our existence.”

A Christian Futurism

The Christian is free to create, to progress, to more perfectly refract God’s creating light in created things.

The Impossible Bronze Age Mindset

The vitalists may rage, but they cannot escape the snare. After the interruption of the cross of Jesus Christ, there can no longer be a Bronze Age Mindset.

Is Power Abusive?

The Protestant tradition possesses the resources to hold together the epistemological poles of creation and revelation. And it is those resources that Christians must draw upon to build a lasting, theologically compelling rejoinder to what’s commonly called wokeness.

How Not to Become a Cyborg

Human, Forever is indisputably a must-read for those concerned about what human existence will look like “after the digital turn.” Not only is it a penetrating diagnosis of the contemporary condition, the book is a distinctly Christian-inflected chastening of some of the more audacious “postliberal” political philosophies out there, those that fail to take seriously what the digital disruption has wrought. Freedom from technology, Poulos submits, must also mean freedom from the dreams of empire, and a return to the limits of the local.