Author: Timon Cline

Timon Cline

Timon Cline is the Editor in Chief at American Reformer. He is a practicing attorney and a fellow at the Craig Center at Westminster Theological Seminary. His writing has appeared in the American Spectator, Mere Orthodoxy, American Greatness, Areo Magazine, and the American Mind, among others. He writes regularly at Modern Reformation and Conciliar Post.

“Why Cotton Mather?”

This is the active life, the exemplary public presence in matters of church, state, and scholarship that should inspire American Reformers.

A Polity Undone

Polity depends on the natural, reproductive family for its longevity, and not just in the literal sense. The family is a microcosm of broader political society.

More Than Mere Taxation

But when submission becomes inconsistent with and destructive of the public good, the same veneration for and duty to the divine authority, commands us to oppose.

Do It For the Kids

Pilgrims fled the negative world and rejected the neutral world for the hope of building a positive world; and they did it for the kids.

Slippery When Wet

The position of the compromiser camp in the SBC is dangerously mistaken and does not grant them the title of peacemaker.

Wholesome Severity

The Case for the Law’s First Table A few months ago, Jonathan Leeman debated Brad Littlejohn at Colorado Christian University […]