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Can’t Stop Mugshot Trump

And Big Eva Doesn’t Like It Donald Trump’s campaign funding skyrocketed last year after the infamous Georgia mugshot. It was […]

Lobster or Frog?

Maybe Paine, not Burke, is Right for Our Times Consider, if you will, that Thomas Paine, not Edmund Burke, may […]

A Political Solution

How to Ordinarily Renew a Nation The past couple months have been surreal. Megan Basham, Santiago Pliego, and Doug Wilson […]

What We’ve Been Reading

Spring Book Recommendations from the Editors Ben Dunson, Contributing Editor Edmund Burke’s (1729–97) most famous writing was his trenchant analysis […]

Kitsch Catharsis

Review of Andrew Garland’s Civil War “My pain is constant and sharp, and I do not hope for a better […]

But What If We Win?

Commentary on John Davenport Consternation from certain wings of Evangelicalism over Christian nationalism consistently ignores threshold questions for essential any […]

Ordained by Heaven

Commentary on Joseph Lyman’s 1787 election sermon Ben Dunson has an excellent column out today combatting misconceptions in the resurgent […]