The American Founding, Protestantism, and the Law of Nations

By recovering our own tradition we will be able to learn how, why, and where we can partner with others in broad coalitions to advance laws for the common good of all Americans. We will find the resources to resist a vision of secular social justice which, divorced from God, necessarily devolves into idolatrous tyranny and oppression.

Reimagining a Christian America

A Christian public culture, like a Christian person, will still be deeply sinful and deficient. But it can still be an awful lot better than the alternatives. If you’re skeptical, just consider the sex-obsessed public culture of the post-Christian West, with ubiquitous pornography and its inane celebration of gender experimentation as the pinnacle of personal heroism.

On Mixing Faith and Politics

For several years now, I’ve heard evangelicals denounce the “mixing of faith and politics.” This juxtaposition has always frustrated me because it fails to make important distinctions and it offers a useful rhetorical device for secularist opponents to undermine Christian political action. In this article, I hope to provide concise and precise clarity on how faith and grace might relate to and “mix” with politics.

Blessed are the Peacemakers: A Veteran’s Day Tribute

Men make war. That is the awful reality that exists in our fallen world. Abel is dead and Cain still lives. We have not yet beaten our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks. But it is also true that war has made men. Good men. Noble men. Honorable men. Men of whom the world is not worthy. Such men are gracious gifts given in order to make the rest of us better men.