Category: State

Politics and Power

The fact that political power may be used for evil provides no valid reason for it to be rejected or ignored. Power must be used for good.

King of Heaven and Earth

So many difficulties would be easier to solve if Christians could rightly separate, without radically divorcing the two kingdoms.

Politics and The Fall

Certain aspects of how God made the world do not cease to be operative simply because sin has twisted and deformed those institutions.

Politics and Creation

Politics, as a reflection of the image of the God who first ordered and forever rules the world, is fundamental to who we are as human beings.

Debating “Christian Nationalism”

Christian Nationalism is a restorative, civilizational movement that sets out to challenge and conquer Critical Neo-Liberalism, and then restore the American way of life according to her western and Christian heritage.

The End of Government

Jeffrey Bristol argues that the American constitutional order is not oriented to the common good, but to “ordered liberty."