America First Grievances

Declaration & Resolves of American Rights & Grievances

In October of 1774, after over a decade of contending with the British government over its increasingly draconian legislative policies aimed to submit the colonies to absolute Parliamentary supremacy, the leading American colonists of the Continental Congress published the Declaration and Resolves of Colonial Rights. It outlined colonial objections to the Intolerable Acts, listed a variety of grievances, and included a bill of colonial rights. It echoed the Declaration of Rights and Grievances issued by the Stamp Act Congress almost ten years previously in 1765 and prepared the ground for the Declaration of Independence less than two years later.

On this Fourth of July holiday, we celebrate America’s greatness by venerating our founders’ spirit of independence. Americans should be proud of those men who were vigilant and prudent in protecting our privileges and liberties against an encroaching tyranny. Between 1763 and 1776, the colonists made it a habit of declaring their rights, grievances, and resolutions to call the British government to account, and recorded them for the sake of posterity’s memory and admiration. In honor of this tradition and in celebration of our heritage of liberty, we patriotically, cheerfully, and with great hope for the future present our own rights and grievances on this Independence Day.

(N.B. We are aware that the American regime is fractious and dispersed among distinct departments, institutions, and agencies each with their own agendas, as well as ambitious personalities and warring political factions. Yet among the bewildering bureaucratic variety, contradiction, and duplication, the whole of it does in fact constitute a ruling class that can generally be referenced as “they.” It is this “they” that we refer to below.)

They have destroyed state sovereignty and the domestic and police powers originally granted to the states for the public good, and through incorporation, civil rights law, and the regulatory apparatus, and financial incentives have consolidated power into a monolithic and arbitrary leviathan;

They have perverted and expanded the ends of national civil government under the U.S. Constitution, awarding to the national powers the right to intrusively legislate, regulate, “rulemake,” and police every aspect of civil life;

They have undermined and betrayed our national sovereignty by illegally delegating political power to international entities and allowing supranational global organizations and the “rules based international order” to dictate American foreign and domestic policy;

They have transformed a restrained foreign policy under the Law of Nations into an expansive, imperial, and intrusive global panopticon that advances their narrow self-interests through unjust war, capricious bloodshed, weapons manufacture and export, and the threat of economic sanctions; and they have abused the power of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, wielding it as an international weapon for punishment and retribution;

They have disparaged, violated, and outright denied the traditional, natural, and divine rights and liberties of the people, while inventing, propagating, and celebrating novel licentious “rights” that corrupt and degrade the public morals and invite the wrath and judgment of God;

They have destroyed republican self-government, representation, and right of the people to consent to the laws that they live under by delegating law-making power to unelected bureaucrats in independent and insulated administrative agencies, and by restructuring political districts to deny the voice of the people and to ensure their re-election and the creation of a permanent politburo class that is inimical to political, corporate liberty;

They have exempted themselves from the laws that they pass and enforce upon the people and have granted themselves special privileges and protections denied to other citizens, creating a social caste system in violation of equality of the law and the privileges and immunities of citizenship;

They have perverted the legislative process and violated the political trust of representation by favoring special interests, corporate lobbyists, and crony capitalists in taking and handing out bribes, blackmail, and other illegal political grift to reward favored constituents and advance their devious schemes to the detriment of the American people;

They have committed treasonous acts by allowing foreign interests, foreign lobbyists, and foreign officials to dictate legislative, executive, and military policy in order to illegally aid foreign nations while neglecting domestic duties and draining America of her prosperity and reputation;

They have abused the legal system and created a two-tiered system of justice, purposely allowing criminal and civil violations committed by favored groups to go unpunished, while specifically targeting traditional Americans for harassment, intimidation, and prosecution;

They have politicized the judicial system as a tool of lawfare by abusing prosecutorial discretion, using it to prosecute political enemies while elevating and rewarding their political friends—judges, juries, attorneys general, and high ranking officials in the Department of Justice—turning the court system into a weapon of retribution and expropriation;

They have denied American citizens their Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights to habeas corpus, to not be imprisoned without charges, to be considered innocent until proven guilty by fair standards of guilt, to a speedy and public trial, to be heard by an impartial jury of their peers, to not be compelled to be witnesses against themselves, and to not have their life, liberty, and property denied them without due process of law;

They have set up administrative law courts as Star Chambers to illegally try civilians who run afoul of labyrinthine and onerous bureaucratic regulations; they have turned these courts into inquisitional (not adversarial) trials that strip civilians of evidential, jury, and procedural rights; and they have issued excessive and absurd fines to bankrupt and intimidate those who refuse to submit;

They have allowed and encouraged the growth of a security-military state through para-administrative agencies in cooperation with the military, that wantonly topples legitimate governments overseas, targets world leaders and uncooperative American presidents for assassination, pursues personal and family grudges for ancestral revenge, and that spies on, falsely accuses, and menaces American citizens who protest as domestic terrorists and fascists;

They have erected a permanent deep state—an imperium in imperio—with bureaucratic agencies, shadow institutions, and public-private partnerships that are unelected and unaccountable to the people; and they have staffed these institutions with officials who cannot be fired or removed by the President, who pursue third-party policy goals despite the will of elected officials, and who actively work to undermine, discredit, and frustrate the representatives of the people;

They have defrauded the American people of their wealth and prosperity by destroying the gold standard, fraudulently inflating the money supply through fiat printed money and quantitative easing, kept interest rates artificially low, handed plenary monetary power to an irresponsible and unaccountable Federal Reserve, and have shown no restraint in reckless borrowing and spending of the public funds for ill-advised domestic projects, personal gain, and foreign adventurism;

They have embraced global markets and outsourcing, showing a heartless cruelty to the American worker whose unemployment continues to climb; they have negligently destroyed American industry and the necessity of national self-reliance in times of global conflict; they have flooded American stores with cheap and toxic consumer goods that sicken our families and degrade our virtues; and they made it increasingly impossible to own a home and productive property so that the American citizen can be economically and politically independent of corrupt political patrons;

They have sought to enslave us under a bio-medical security state foolishly implemented to cover up the release of a novel virus they were instrumental in creating; and they partnered with corrupt pharmaceutical companies to unethically rush a poisonous vaccine into production that has since caused untold suffering and death while lavishy profiting corporate CEOs; and they imprisoned us under home arrest, destroyed our jobs and children’s education, denied visitation and burial rights to loved ones, and used the pandemic as cover to rig a presidential election;

They have failed to acknowledge God as Creator, Providential Governor, and Supreme Judge of the world, have refused to give him due thanks and praise, have disparaged and diluted the Christian religion of the people, and have pursued public policies to privatize and exclude Christianity from public life while inviting and honoring other false and pagan religions to take root and propagate;

They have employed the legacy and social media as a propaganda arm of the government to promulgate regime narratives, protect and shield those in power, falsely attack political opponents, actively censor the speech of the American public, and harass, intimidate, cancel, and ruin those who dissent; 

They have used the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 to encourage, aid, and abet illegal immigration to America; they have failed to uphold current immigration law and protect the border; they have allowed states to be invaded, their cultures upended, and legal systems overwhelmed; they have refused to assent to state laws for the public good, and have obstructed the sovereignty and right of states to enforce local border and immigration policy for the good of their residents; and they have used illegal immigration to pad voter rolls and permanently transform and displace America’s historic people groups;

They have pursued domestic policies that have destroyed the American family—the bedrock of our civilization—through no-fault divorce, perverse welfare incentives, and abusive family and divorce courts that codify sexist discrimination against men, husbands, and fathers; and they have have gleefully and aggressively promoted the perverse sexualization of society by rampant production, dissemination, and consumption of pornography, the legalization of sodomy and “gay marriage,” the medical advocacy of transgenderism, the celebration of online prostitution, and the commercialization of surrogacy and womb-renting;

They have abused and distorted the Civil Rights Act in order to discriminate against whites, men, and straight people and illegally favor ethnic and sexual minorities for over half a century, all while perpetuating lies about institutional white racism and “white privilege” to be used as endless psychological manipulation, financial expropriation, and the creation of a new racial caste;

They have propped up incompetent, puppet leaders and have multiplied fraudulent, unconstitutional, and devious methods to rig “free and fair” elections in their favor; they have smothered their election fraud in a blizzard of lies all while filibustering, demonizing, and legally intimidating patriotic Americans who peacefully protest such corruption; 

They have perverted American liberty and exchanged it for licentiousness, peddling the true blessings of moral liberty under God as a ball-and-chain while championing vice, immoral self-expression, and godless authenticity as the promise of the “liberation” that America offers;

They have reduced America to a flimsy propositional notion in order to disparage, deracinate, and subjugate the American people and their traditional ways of life; they have unjustly and brazenly accused Americans of harboring the most heinous prejudices and of practicing great social evils; they have stripped America of her unique and particular cultures and history, and have turned the country into a multicultural homeless shelter and a campsite for the world’s tired, hungry, and poor, not a beloved homeland for American citizens whose ancestors’ blood, sweat, and tears made this country great; and they have prostituted America before the god of Mammon, terraforming a united and common nation into an international liberal economic zone to be transactionally managed;

In these and many other ways they have made their designs for tyranny apparent by ruling arbitrarily for their own advantage and against the good of the people, and by consolidating into one head the three branches and functions of government that effectively results in despotism and the enslavement of the American citizen under a government not their own and intent upon dispossessing them of their rightful heritage.

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Timon Cline

Timon Cline is the Editor in Chief at American Reformer. He is an attorney and a fellow at the Craig Center at Westminster Theological Seminary and the Director of Scholarly Initiatives at the Hale Institute of New Saint Andrews College. His writing has appeared in the American Spectator, Mere Orthodoxy, American Greatness, Areo Magazine, and the American Mind, among others. He writes regularly at Modern Reformation and Conciliar Post.

Ben R. Crenshaw

Ben R. Crenshaw is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Declaration of Independence Center at the University of Mississippi. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Politics at the Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College. You can follow him on Twitter at @benrcrenshaw.

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